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Tissue Acquisition and Cellular/Molecular Analysis Shared Resource

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David Jones Jr

Staff, UACC Microscopy Shared Resource

During David’s undergraduate career he studied mathematics with a focus in computer science focused on abstract concepts, optimization, and group and network theory with additional focuses in law, policy, and national security studies. After completion of his bachelor’s degree, he took additional science coursework in preparation for IP law school requirements leading him to complete a biotechnology certification, rekindling his love for science. 

David has worked in industry as an applications scientist supporting research and development of tools and training scientists in room-temp, cryo, and automated tape-collection ultramicrotomy while at RMC Boeckeler. Following his time in industry he completed a professional science master’s degree in applied biosciences focusing on molecular and cellular biology. He has addition industry experience as a molecular technologist in assay development and multiplexed PCR-based diagnostics for human and animal disease.

David's current role he is responsible for the operation of the Nikon BioPipeline Slide scanner.

Member of: National Society for Histotechnology, American Physiological Society, Bioimaging North America (BINA)