A volunteer and collaborative effort to bring information about shared microscopy facilities to the University of Arizona and the community.

Tissue Acquisition and Cellular/Molecular Analysis Shared Resource

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Equipment Capabilities Building
Nikon BioPipeline SLIDE Brightfield, Fluorescence, Widefield, Polarized, Microscope slide scanning, Upright optical microscope, Greyscale camera, RGB color camera UA Cancer Center
Nikon N-STORM Fluorescence, Superresolution, Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (PALM/STORM), Upright optical microscope, Greyscale camera UA Cancer Center
Nikon/Crest spinning disk confocal Brightfield, Fluorescence, Widefield, Confocal (Spinning Disk), Phase Contrast, Deconvolution, Microscope slide scanning, Inverted optical microscope, Environmental Chamber (Live Cell Imaging), Motorized stage, Greyscale camera, RGB color camera UA Cancer Center

Other Equipment

Equipment Capabilities Building
Nikon image processing workstation Image processing workstation UA Cancer Center