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Nikon AX-R confocal microscope

Nikon AX R Confocal Microscope

The Nikon AX R is an inverted laser-scanning confocal microscope and is our most capable instrument. The AX R has both a traditional, high resolution Galvano scanner and a highspeed Resonant scanner with up to 2K X 2K resolution, making this instrument capable of both high resolution and the largest selection of laser lines (405/445/488/568/594/640/730), allowing the microscope to excite up to 7 fluorophores with clear spectral separation. This instrument has the widest range of objectives lenses, including a long working distance 20x 0.7NA objective with 2.3mm of working distance and water immersion 40x 1.25NA objective with automated water immersion dispenser, ideal for long-term, live cell and multi-well plate imaging.

  • Confocal imaging with high speed Resonant scanner
  • Live cell imaging (humidity, temperature, and CO)
  • Advanced multichannel imaging (up to 7 fluorophores per sample)
  • Long-working 20x objective with 2.3mm working distance
  • Water-immersion 40x objective with automated water dispenser for multiwell imaging