A volunteer and collaborative effort to bring information about shared microscopy facilities to the University of Arizona and the community.

Biomedical Imaging Core

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The Biomedical Imaging Core offers leading edge multiphoton and confocal microscopy for biomedical imaging and data collection. Conveniently located on the downtown Phoenix Biomedical Campus at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix, the core is designed to be a community-based resource available to UA affiliated and non-affiliated faculty and researchers.

For questions, or to learn more about how the Biomedical Imaging Core can enhance your research, please contact Kurt Gustin

Arizona Biomedical Collaborative (ABC, Phoenix), room 170

Core Staff
Kurt Gustin, PhD Director, Biomedical Imaging Core (College of Medicine - Phoenix) 602-827-2155 kgustin@arizona.edu
Shenfeng Qiu, PhD Director, Biomedical Imaging Core (College of Medicine - Phoenix) 602-827-2173 sqiu@arizona.edu
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This facility is administered by the College of Medicine - Phoenix, at the University of Arizona.