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Imaging Cores - Optical


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Zeiss LSM880 NLO confocal/multiphoton with Airyscan

Zeiss LSM880 NLO upright multiphoton/confocal with Airyscan

The Zeiss LSM 880 NLO upright multiphoton/confocal microscope includes a 34-channel detector for spectral information and additional non-descanned GAsP detectors. The system includes 7 visible spectrum laser lines (405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 633nm) in addition to the software tunable Spectra Physics Mai Tai HP DeepSee laser (690nm-1040nm). The system includes additional software modules for controlled region-of-interest scanning, deconvolution, physiology experiments, performing FRAP and control for the motorized stage to allow stitching together images from multiple fields of view into one larger image (montage), as well as visiting multiple sites during a time lapse acquisition.

The instrument includes an environmental chamber suitable for live cell imaging at a variety of temperatures. The facility has wet lab space, cell culture incubators, and a biosafety hood in an adjacent room.

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